Return to your most natural state of being

Decondition old patterns • connect with your intuition • mindset • inner child healing

I was tired of never feeling good enough, trying to keep up & outperform my peers, envying those who seemed so confident and free until one day I said "enough is enough!"

And thus began my process of becoming wildly free.  How much of your life is spent on autopilot?  Going through the motions conditioned in you from a young age.  Suck up to the boss, climb the ladder, keep friends – even when you no longer enjoy their company.

I was sick of working 70 hours a week and barely having the time, money, and energy to actually enjoy my day off. That’s not how I want to live my life.

I began rewilding my soul.  A process of awakening your true self through a connection to the natural world.  And everything changed.

How would it feel to...?

Wake up without stress & anxiety

Dance without wondering what everyone around you is thinking

Have the time & resources to do what you desire without feeling guilty

Make money doing what you love

Form deeper relationships


The answers you seek are not external

It’s time to stop reading tons of self help books, watching hours of youtube videos, and listening to podcast episodes.

None of that will change you unless you take action.

Begin deconditioning the societal norms that don’t feel good.

Strengthen your connection to your intuition.

Allow mother nature to help you heal your inner child & return to your most natural state.

Dive in & explore


6 month group mentorship & retreat to help you return to your most natural self


Long term 1:1 coaching to guide you to your next breakthrough using Human Design, inner work, energy work, and alignment.


Reach your next breakthrough with this 60-minute 1:1 coaching session.

1/3 Sacral Generator, Intuitive Mentor, pet-mom, adventurer, wild, and loving partner. 

I’m not your typical success story.  After losing my job & my home, I built a 6-figure social media management business and decided to follow my intuition and pivot to mentoring.

The transition was not easy… despite growing my social media business quickly, growing a coaching business was a different story.

I found myself facing imposter syndrome, questioning my self worth, and suffering from comparison burnout.

But I knew deep in my heart that I was meant to make an impact and help others escape societal norms and truly LIVE life.

I stopped stopped looking for answers outside of me and began healing my inner child & deconditioning old patterns that no longer served me.

My anxiety decreased, I feel more present in my body, and I no longer stress about the past or future.