strategy is not enough



90% of the time it's not your strategy that's not working it's your mindset.

You have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

I built my entire business by listening to my intuition. No strict schedules, to-do lists, or hard & set marketing plans…

There is no set way to run your business. No one-size fits all strategy. That is why so many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of chasing after new strategies and never reaching their goals. Whether you know it or not, there are forces that currently hold you back from your highest potential.


Every individual is built differently. When we work together, we’ll dig deep into your true essence using tests like Human Design and Enneagram to guide the moves you need to be making in your business.

In order to have a thriving business where clients are lining up to work with you, you need a high-level transformation .

A transformation that will help you shine with confidence, inside and out.

That doesn’t come from a copy & paste strategy.

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“It was because of Hannah that I decided to switch to my ideal client so that I can charge more!  I landed a client at double my other rate a week later!” – Carrie V. 

Raise your hand if…

 –– It feels like you’ve tried everything but while others succeed, you still struggle

–– You know that going back to your 9-5 is NOT an option

–– You are SICK of putting in the time to talk to prospects who care more about getting the best deal than your expertise 

–– You feel lost each day when opening your laptop because you know you have so much to do but aren’t sure if it’s actually helping

–– It feels like literally the only way to make more money is by working more hours

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