Helping online service providers and coaches reach $6+ figures so that they have the time and freedom to explore their life to the fullest. Using Human Design, mindset, and aligned business strategy

So many people take big risks to break free from societal norms and start their own business only to find themselves overworked & burned out again.

I know this first hand. After working 70+ hours a week as a teacher and having to put my passion of travel & the outdoors aside, I swore I’d find a better way to make money.

I started my own business only to find myself glued to my laptop, stressed out of my mind, and constantly feeling guilty any time I wasn’t working on it.

How many family get togethers, outings, trips, moments have you said no to so that you could get your business off the ground?


You deserve a business that easily supports your life.


You deserve high income months that make your bills and afterthought.


You deserve to go on that big trip you’ve dreamed about for years.


You deserve that ridiculous luxury item that literally makes no sense to buy other than it makes you happy (for me that’s a wood-fired hot tub!)


You’re ready to trust your intuition and make an empowered decision that’ll give your business the boost it needs. Hey, action taker!

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My classes will give you a gentle smack in the bum that you need to get back on track WHILE also giving you the steps you need to take in order to reach your dreams.


1/3 Sacral Generator, Intuitive Business Mentor, pet-mom, adventurer, wild, and loving partner. 

I’m not your typical success story.  After losing my job & my home, I built a 6-figure social media management business and decided to follow my intuition and pivot to mentoring.

The transition was not easy… I went from earning $10k+ months to earning $500 months OOPS.

But I knew deep in my heart that I was meant to make an impact and help others escape societal norms and truly LIVE life.

After going through a ton of trial & error, I finally discovered a strategy and method that worked for ME.  Soon I was able to cultivate my signature process and help many clients build a thriving business that gave them the financial freedom and time to go explore.

My signature process includes Human Design, mindset, and aligned business strategy.


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