Of course, there are tons of more benefits to starting your own business. There is a ton of independence and freedom. You are in charge of your own success, which can be incredibly motivating to someone who thrives off that sense of control (cough cough…me).

What I love the most about this work is being able to choose my hours so that it fits into my life. The fact that you have autonomy over how much you work, where you work, and when is so fulfilling.

The downside to this job though? You definitely experience a rollercoaster. You need to be prepared to adapt and pivot at any moment throughout your business. Don’t think that this is an easy business that runs itself. You do need to do the heavy lifting and actually network with prospects. It’s fun and flexible, but not easy.

So if you are sick of working a 9-5. Sick of sucking up to a boss that doesn’t respect you. Sick of having to schedule your passions around your job.

You should consider starting a Virtual Assistant business. You’ll thank me later.

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