Studies show that Millennials and Gen Z are going to be the poorest generation. More and more young people are bypassing a traditional 9-5 business and opting to start their own business. If you crave the freedom to travel, more time, control over who you work with, starting a Virtual Assistant Business is a great option. Keep reading to learn the top reasons why you should start your own Virtual Assistant Business!

A little backstory about me. At the start of 2020, my partner and I lost our full-time jobs as well as our housing. Luckily a friend let us and our two french lop bunnies stay with her until we figured something out. I was feeling hopeless, to say the least.

Then I discovered a Facebook ad which was advertizing a Virtual Assistant course. I jumped on it. I had my first $3k month by month 3 and I was booked out by month 6, doubling my income from my previous FT job. It wasn’t easy but I had caught the entrepreneurial bug!

My business has changed to offer more mentoring now but I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for over a year! Here’s what I’ve learned and why you need to start your own Virtual Assistant business.

Reason number one: You have complete control.

Control over who you work with, how much you get paid, and your schedule. Coming from jobs where “the customer is always right” it was great not having to suck up to any bosses or customers. I go through a rigorous screening process with my clients and make sure we truly work well together before signing any contracts. Still, if a client doesn’t end up working out, I have the power to fire them. I’m never forced to put up with mistreatment.

Reason number two: You can do it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Planning vacations is suddenly not interrupted by time off work. Whenever my partner and I want to travel, we do. In fact, we are planning a road trip in the fall and I am confident I can manage my workload while being on the road enjoying the trip.

Reason number three: You can start it up quickly and it takes very little money to establish your business!

It took me a month to go from zero sales to $3000. Now, I won’t say it was easy, I was doing it for about 30 hours a week and I was incredibly focused on networking. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. With that being said, however, if you are committed to putting in the work, you can get this started really quickly.

It’s also incredibly adaptable which is part of the reason why you can get started so quickly. There is a huge variety of what services you can offer, from more artistic to technical. Take what you know and grow your business from there. You don’t need a degree or any certifications…just proof of your skills.

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