If you are new to Human Design, you are likely discovering the 5 energetic types and what they mean for your life. Once you start diving into your HD you really can’t go back. Your eyes will open, you will feel validated and seen, and you’ll start to notice certain attributes in other people around you. For that reason, I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all 5 types, not just your own so that you can form better relationships and ultimately strengthen your interpersonal skills. This, by the way, will help you increase your client conversion rate because every single lead you talk to will feel so deeply understood by you they can’t resist signing up.

If you don’t know your Human Design energy type or chart click here to get it for free.


Generators make up the most of the population (77%), I am a Generator! Generators are destined to build. They have unlimited energy when they work on something they are passionate about. Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked through all 3 meals and have “woken up” from a workflow in the middle of the night not even realizing you’ve been working for that long.

Generators are great problem solvers and they always love a challenge. Whenever a challenge arises, you’ll likely find a Generator is the first to respond. They will be the ones in the center of the stress because they are attracted to the chaos.

Yes, the hamsters on the hamster wheel, LOVE to work. Generators may find that if they aren’t using their energy towards something that lights them up, they may experience insomnia. Despite their unlimited energy, Generators can in fact experience burnout, and this typically happens when they are forced to work on something that doesn’t light them up.

As a Generator, it is vital that you determine what YOU want. Not what other people want. Don’t fall victim to people-pleasing tendencies. This is where, tuning into your sacral AKA your intuition, is key. As a Generator, it is imperative that you learn to listen and trust your intuition because it is there to guide you.

Firm boundaries that create space for passions outside of “work” will help protect your valuable energy and keep that spark within you alive. When you trust yourself, you trust your intuition, you will feel satisfied which is a Generator’s signature theme in life. If, however, you are feeling more frustrated (your not-self theme) than satisfied that is a key indicator that you are out of alignment.

Deconditioning is so important when you first start diving into Human Design because all of our lives we are told to do life a certain way. Throughout our childhood we follow the adults around us from our parents to our teachers, then we go to college because society tells us that’s how we get a good job, then we get a good job and do what our boss tells us to do. When you blindly follow what others tell you to do, you step further and further away from your true self and alignment.

As a Generator, others’ thoughts and opinions can be your kryptonite, listen to your intuition and follow what YOU want.

If you are feeling frustrated often, this is the red flag that tells you that you are out of alignment. Figure out what makes you feel satisfied and try to incorporate more opportunities to experience satisfaction throughout your day. The more you practice pivoting out of frustration and into satisfaction, you’ll start to see things in your life fall into place.

The strategy for Generators is to respond. This means you are not meant to initiate and create new things. Your job is to observe your thoughts and surroundings and respond to whatever calls to you. Respond to your intuition, respond to your audience. Give them what they want.

Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators are a combination of Generators and Manifestors. They often find joy in trying new things and squeezing the most out of life. Mani Gens are notorious for finding shortcuts to mastery.

Manifesting Generators will spend hours trying to master something that they are passionate about, peep that Generator energy. They’ll spend hours trying to find shortcuts to something.

With this unlimited energy to work on things they love, Manifesting Generators also have the power to speak things into existence, like Manifestors.

You will know if you are on the right track immediately, if you are a Manifesting Generator, thanks to your intuition.

The not-self theme for Manifesting Generators is frustration, just like Generators with their signature theme being satisfied. You will find satisfaction when you learn to converse. Leading a life with intention. Which pulls in the Manifestor’s strategy of informing.


Despite the name, Manifestors do not have a special manifesting power. All types can manfiest. Manifestors, are the trail-blazers of the world. They are happiest when they are on their own, solving problems, and making a difference.

Manifestors thrive and find energy from other types. They don’t have an unlimited energy source, like Generators and Manifesting Generators. Manifestors can face burnout daily.

To find alignment, Manifestors must use their strategy of informing before acting. This does not mean that they are asking for permission, rather they are telling people their plan so that they have the space they need to charge full force ahead.

You may find that as a Manifestor, you’ve been encouraged to dampen your personality and be more subdued. The world, full of Generators, says “woah why are you telling me all this just go do the thing”. However, in order to find peace, Manifestors must learn how to effectively communicate before acting.

Once a Manifestor has a new idea, they are determined to follow through with it until it’s been brought to fruition.

Manifestor’s not-self theme is bitterness, which means that you’ll feel this the most when you are out of alignment. Your signature theme, AKA the feeling you feel the most when you are in alignment is peace.

As a Manifestor and business owner boundaries will help you succeed. Remember that your energy is not unlimited and therefore, it’s important to only take on projects that truly light your fire.


Projectors are known to be engaging and have a complex depth to their spirit. Unlike Generators and Manifesting Generators, Projectors truly have a limited source of energy so they need to protect their energy in order to live in alignemnt.

Without careful use of their energy, they risk burnout daily.

The magic of Projectors is their ability to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

As a business owner, your job is to show up, do the task that needs to be done, and then go rest.

Self-care should take up most of your day.

There is a huge disconnect that happens when Projectors are raised by Generator parents.

Growing up you may have been told frequently that you are lazy, that you rest too much, that you are high-maintenance but that is your VIBE.

If you look at those around you who seem to have unlimited energy and you feel so purplexed, you are likely a Projector. This is how Human Design can really help you accept who you are.

Projector’s strategy is to wait for the invitation, and the invitation only comes when you are living your best life. When you wait for the invitation you will fell fufilled.

For many entrepreneurs the strategy of waiting for the invitation can feel limiting.

Your invitation is a door that opens for you. You don’t need to wait idly by for the door to open. Put yourself out there. Share your offers. Then sit back in confidence knowing that the doors will start opening one by one while you rest.

With the lack of energy Projectors have, you must master productivity and be a beacon for others who struggle with productivity.

Some of the best leaders are Projectors.

The signature theme for Projectors is success. When you learn to wait for the invitation success is inevitable.


Reflectors are the rarest type. They are very atuned to the world around them. Their energy stemming from the people and environment that surrounds them.

It is very important to protect your energy by choosing carefully who you let into your world. If you are surrounded by negative people, you will feel very drained. However, if you surround yourself with positive people who inspire you, you will feel full of energy.

Their super power is being able to pick up on the energy around them. If something feels off, they’ll be the first to tell you and remove themselves from the situation.

Reflectors absorb the energy around them and reflect it to the world.

Reflectors are highly attuned to the lunar cycle. In fact, their strategy is to wait for the lunar cycle. You’ll find alignment by revolving your energy around the moon, tracking the moon cycle, doing moon rituals, and waiting a full moon cycle before taking action.

When you learn to follow the moon cycle, you’ll find real interest in the world and surprize yourself with what’s available to you.

Surprize is the signature for Reflectors.

It may feel daunting knowing that you must wait 28 days for progress but it can be comforting when you learn to accept this. For many it may take years but you can be confident knowing that in a moon cycle, you’ll be closer to your desires.

Learning the big 3 in Human Design will help jumpstart your HD journey. The big 3 includes: your energy type, your strategy, and your inner authority.

Once you have an understanding of your big three, it is important that you begin the deconditioning process.

Throughout your life you’ve picked up a lot of rules and “norms” of society that may not serve you.

In order to get the most out of your Human Design, you must unlearn everything you’ve been programmed and start relearning what it means to be YOU.

I have a great resource to help you start the unlearning process, called Unlearn to Align. It’s a Masterclass + workbook that will teach you the exact steps I took to decondition and start my own journey towards alignment.

The class is on-demand, watch it here.

For more Human Design resources go to hannahplourde.com/humandesign

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