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How to book out your online business WITHOUT a large audience.


Hi, I’m Hannah Plourde! I’m an avid explorer, adventurer, pet-mom, goof-ball, & entrepreneur dedicated to help you leverage your business by adapting it to your true essence using human design.  I fully believe that you should build a business around your life rather than the other way around.

I started my business after losing my “secure” teaching job.  Wild Consulting LLC began with Social Media Management service and I built it to 6-fig but something just didn’t feel right.  I missed teaching.

Thus, I transitioned to Intuitive Business Mentoring and haven’t looked back since!  There isn’t one right way to do business so your support shouldn’t come from a box either.  I pride myself in helping my clients individually so that they find a method that works for them.

Meet some of my amazing clients...

Meet Carrie!

“…talk about transforming my business. There is something about being in a space with like minded people who you are all going after the same thing, but there is also something about having access to an expert.  To be able to give you that next level, to show you what is possible, to expand your mind.  Then for them to say ‘here I’ll hold your hand and I’ll give you resources for us to do it together!’.  You can not put a price tag on that.  There is nothing to compare it to.  CVAM has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself because I know I’m worthy of it and it has dramatically transformed everything.    Best investment I’ve ever made!” – Carrie V

Meet Chantel!  

Chantel is an aspiring actress who uses her Virtual Assistant and Bookkeeping business to support her dreams!

Chantel is such a hard worker, like so many of my clients, but wasn’t seeing the results from her efforts.  She found that more often than not, she would self-sabotage new opportunities. 

“The number one thing that I’ve learned from working with Hannah is to not limit myself.  I do have my big dreams but I see gigs that I second myself on and Hannah helps me realize that if I can do it then I should sign up.” – Chantel