What is a Breakthrough Session?

A Breakthrough Sessions a 60-minute private video session with Intuitive Business Mentor Hannah Plourde to help you get unstuck & move stagnant energy in your business or life. 

The call can be focused in one of three areas of Hannah’s expertise.

Human Design Reading – Inner Child Healing – Intuitive Biz Coaching

Before the call, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire which will ask you your number one focus, goals, and more about you and your business so that we don’t waste any time on small talk!

Please note that if Hannah believes you’d be a good fit for one of her other programs, she will suggest it at the end of the session.

This session works best for three groups of people:

  • Online service based entrepreneurs (like VAs or coaches) who have established their business but currently feel stuck & want to call in an endless stream of soulmate clients.
  • People who tend to work in their masculine energy (taking action, perfectionism, type A, etc) & want to balance their masculine and feminine energy but don’t know where to start.
  • Entrepreneurs who want a business-focused Human Design reading so that they can build a reliable & aligned business.

I reached out to Hannah because I was looking for professional guidance as a Virtual Assistant that will help me move forward in a better direction.  After one session with Hannah, I was able to change my mindset, organize my SOPs and the services I offer better. Hannah is extremely knowledgeable in being a VA.  I was able to increase my revenue and sign more clients than I ever had before.” – Dani D

From letting her clients dictate her worth to owning her skills

“…talk about transforming my business. There is something about being in a space with like minded people who you are all going after the same thing, but there is also something about having access to an expert. To be able to give you that next level, to show you what is possible, to expand your mind. Then for them to say ‘here I’ll hold your hand and I’ll give you resources for us to do it together!’. You can not put a price tag on that. There is nothing to compare it to. Hannah has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself because I know I’m worthy of it and it has dramatically transformed everything. Best investment I’ve ever made!”

– Carrie V