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What is the Spring Equinox Mastermind?

As the excitement of the New Year dwindles… As the new goals & resolutions are forgotten…  As old ambitions are set aside…

There is a magic in the air that Spring brings.

Rebirth, rejuvenation, blooms

Join a group of like-minded purpose driven entrepreneurs in a transformative mastermind.

3 months | weekly calls | unlimited group Voxer

Examples of Conversations within a Mastermind:

✔️ How to raise your energetic minimum $$

✔️ How to scale without sacrificing time

✔️ How to get into alignment using Human Design

✔️ How to attract clients & increase magnetism.

✔️ What tasks to focus on for growth

✔️ What to do when you are feeling low-energy

✔️ How to create a hot audience who is eager to buy from you

✔️ How to get out of a rut & stop feeling stuck

The best investment I ever made was joining a Mastermind, the value of coaching skyrockets when you have a group of people continually working to get better and ask questions you'd never think of.

Who is the Spring Equinox Mastermind for?

⟢ spiritual, purpose driven entrepreneurs

⟢ Someone who has signed clients before but their revenue feels random & inconsistent.

⟢Someone who desires consistent month to month grow

⟢ Someone who is tired of feeling like they start the whole process over with each client they sign.

⟢Someone who is sick of feeling anxious & nervous every time they check their messages prepared for another “no”

⟢ Someone who wants to invite EASE into their life

⟢Someone who had alllll the grand goals for their business on Jan 1st and now are panicked realizing nothing has really changed at all

⟢Someone who feels like they keep going in circles while their peers blast by them.

⟢Someone who can never seem to make more than $3k/month

Who you'll be learning from

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Social Media Manager.  I grew fast and within 6 months I had doubled my yearly income from my full-time job.

Yet, something didn’t feel right.

I wasn’t lit up by the work I was doing.

I scratched everything and pivoted to mentoring.  I thought, it’d be easy.  I thought I’d get mentoring clients no problem.

I was wrong.  

Signing clients as a mentor is MUCH different than signing clients as a VA.  I went from consistent 4-5 figure months to $0.

I tried everything.  I joined every program.  Anything that would help me build my business back up.

It wasn’t until I took an unexpected 3 weeks completely off my business and had a spiritual awakening.

I realized that I was not showing up authentically online.  I was too busy trying to fit in that I ended up losing myself in the process.

I came back stronger than ever.  I started incorporating my passion for Human Design in my mentoring.

My business boomed.  

Signing clients was easy again and all it took was getting in tune with my intuition and honoring my unique self.

What people are saying...

“Hannah helped me get through that first phase in business and helping me step through the door in the online world. There’s no going back to the way things were, it’s nothing but up from here.  Before I worked with you I didn’t know how to do lead generation, how to get over analysis paralysis , and most of all MANAGING BOTH MY BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE. I would get so overwhelmed with them both in the beginning, however now I have an efficient schedule, I get a lot done and I don’t get that feeling of not doing enough that day even when I would work for 8 hours straight with no breaks at times! I’ve also learned to be myself and not put up this facade of a person who I’m not <3” – Sofia L. Virtually Sofia

Throughout the program I felt like I was truly being helped, you weren’t just giving me random answers, you took the time to explain them. One of the best things I gained was a change in mindset! I’ve realized that I was focusing on the wrong things…it makes a big difference in how I use my time and makes it possible to have more clients.” – Ilsen N

I finally was able to package my services and feel confident about the prices of the services. I also learned a ton about the onboarding process and building lasting relationships with clients.  Hannah states that she is available to answer questions and offer support, she is NOT kidding!!! 100% willing to go the extra mile to explain things thoroughly and provide real examplesI am now much more prepared and confident in my business, thanks to Hannah.” – Cindy