For 30-days, I’m challenging you to make your inner work a priority

To move through limiting beliefs keeping you small.

To process any stickiness preventing you from reaching your goals.

To raise your frequency so that you can call in more abundance.

This isn’t your average mindset or manifestation course.  

You are setting the foundations for continual growth for the rest of your life.

We are breaking alllllll the rules of mindfulness.  Making it FUN & productive so that you feel like a winner every step of the way.

Because let’s be honest, you don’t like to do things you aren’t good at.


For each day you stay consistent with your inner work you earn points.

The more devoted you stay to the challenge, the more points you earn.

Points can be traded in for special prizes (Full value of prizes = $400+)

*Browse the list of prizes below


Expand your consciousness so that you no longer go through the motions in life and are fully present for every moment.

Finally feel at peace, have less mental chatter, and pressure.

Co-create with your intuition so that you always know the next step to take to reach your goals.

Understand the seasons of life & how to live intuitively.

Reduce anxiety so that you can show up authentically without the worry of judgement from others.

Know deeply who you are: your natural tendencies, areas for growth, and your superpowers.

Create unstoppable confidence so that you call in more opportunities, abundance, and wealth.


The Level Up Challenge

  • Access to the group chat
    (value of $33)
  • Behind the scenes of my inner work each day (hint – it’s not the same boring thing each day) (value of $555)
  • Access to win the prizes
    (value of $400)
  • Cultivating an inner work practice that will help you quantum grow (priceless)

ALLLLLLL for $55


The Level Up Mastermind

  • Access of all of level one (worth over $900)
  • 2x 60min group mentorship calls
    (value $222)
  • Group Voxer chat with daily coaching with me 
    (value $333)

ALLLLLLL for $555

*Payment plans available through Afterpay


Level Up VIPs

  • Access of all of level one (worth over $55)
  • Access to the Level Up Mastermind ($555)
  • 3x 50min 1:1 mentorship calls
    (value $333)
  • Private Voxer chat with daily coaching with me 
    (value $777)

ALLLLLLL for $1111

*Payment plans available through Afterpay

I know what it feels like to wait and watch everyone else succeed around you.

Hey beautiful, my name is Hannah.  I am a Mindset and Intuition Mentor and I am on a mission to build a movement of wildly free people.  If you are anything like me, you’ve been conditioned from a young age to be strong, work hard, & keep your head down.

I became an entrepreneur in 2019 and went full-time in 2020 after I lost my job & housing.  It’s true what people say, having a business will trigger every part of you.  

My workaholism had no limit when my work day was no longer confined to a 9-5 day and I found myself burned out despite the new freedoms.

I felt like I had tried everything but decided to try one last thing, prioritize my intuition & mindset.

I unraveled the societal stories playing in my head on repeat.  

You see, that freedom & ease that you crave will never come from doing more.  There will always be something bigger & better to work towards.  It’ll never be enough.

That’s where I come in.

My job is to help you build worthiness & confidence from within. To detach your worth from your accomplishments and heal the parts of you keeping you small. To feel safe for your intuition to shine & for you to actually process your emotions rather than shoving them down. To help you break out of your mind & live in the present moment so that you can feel ALIVE.

That’s where the freedom & ease you seek lies.


  • Reduced their anxiety so that they no longer feel controlled by it
  • Healed generational trauma surrounding money
  • Raised their prices within their business as they increased their self-worth
  • Detached their self-worth from external outcomes (like the success of their business)
  • Joined adult sports leagues despite being afraid of what others might think
  • Started their own business despite their family pushing “traditional” jobs like nursing on them
  • Gotten hours of their life back each day so that they can have the freedom to do what they want
  • Opened their psychic channel
  • Regulated their nervous system & find alignment after years of feeling stuck
  • Signed their first client in their business after months of trying on their own & thinking of quitting


From letting her clients dictate her worth to owning her skills

“…talk about transforming my business. There is something about being in a space with like minded people who you are all going after the same thing, but there is also something about having access to an expert.  To be able to give you that next level, to show you what is possible, to expand your mind.  Then for them to say ‘here I’ll hold your hand and I’ll give you resources for us to do it together!’.  You can not put a price tag on that.  There is nothing to compare it to.  Hannah has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself because I know I’m worthy of it and it has dramatically transformed everything.    Best investment I’ve ever made!” 

– Carrie V

From giving up and looking for a new job to signing her first long-term client

Hannah has real-life experience and is coaching from a place of foundational and learned knowledge.  She has really thoughtful insights and is genuine in her approach.  I learned SO much from our time together.

 – Kelsey

From believing that she needed to separate her identity as an actress & a bookkeeper to helping other actors manage their finances

“The number one thing that I’ve learned from working with Hannah is to not limit myself.  I do have my big dreams but I see gigs that I second guess myself on and Hannah helps me realize that I don’t need to be perfect to put myself out there.”

– Chantel

Making Inner Work FUN

In the next 30-days you will make moves towards being wildly free.  You will heal the parts of yourself playing small.  You will feel more confident, so that nothing holds you back.  You will feel more grounded & focused on the present moment instead of worrying about the past or future.  You will call in wild abundance.  People joining the challenge are going ALL IN & ready to finally cultivate the change they’ve been craving.