make decisions. If you are someone who struggles to make decisions, it’s likely you aren’t following your authority. Within Human Design, when we make an effort to follow our strategy and authority, we will find alignment.

The five Inner Authorities are Splenic, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Ego, or None.

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Authority: Solar Plexus

Those with the Solar Plexus as their Inner Authority will find that they are very emotional and may have been told that they are sensitive by others in the past. For many, this may have been a source of embarrassment or shame. You may have even tried to suppress your emotions and hide them. But your emotions, especially if you have a Solar Plexus authority can tell us so much.

Your job, when faced with a decision as a Solar Plexus authority, is to not make a decision right away. In fact, you should give yourself ample time to analyze your emotions and see what is coming up for you.

I recommend to my clients to pause and do a quick body scan just to see what is coming up for them. Ask yourself the decision and see what immediate feelings come up. Are you mad, sad, confused, excited?

Learn to consult your emotions and trust them whenever you are faced with a decision to make.

Authority: Sacral

If your Inner Authority is Sacral, this means that you make decisions using your intuition. My authority is Sacral, hence why I am so passionate about helping others connect to their intuition.

Everyone has intuition, regardless of whether they have Sacral as their Inner Authority.

For Sacral Authorities, you know the answer immediately when faced with a decision.

The answer manifests as a “hell yes”, “hell no”, or a “not right now”.

People who don’t have a Sacral Inner Authority might view Sacral Authorities as impulsive or wild but that is just because we know instantly if we want to do it or not.

Learn to trust your inner voice, the more you trust your intuition the more aligned you’ll be. If you need help connecting with your intuition, let’s work on it together!

Authority: Splenic

People with Splenic Inner Authorities make decisions based on their body’s response. For many people, Splenic and Sacral can be confusing.

The main difference between the two is that with Sacral you’ll hear a “hell yes” or “hell no”. While with Splenic you’ll have a physical response like sweating, jumping up and down, crying, etc.

Full body scans will be your tool whenever you are faced with a decision to make. Practice mediative body scans or a yoga practice so that you start to recognize your body cues and use them to help you make decisions.

Authority: Ego

If you have an Ego Inner Authority as a Manifestor your thoughts will guide you to speak your truth. Try to respond to a decision immediately. The longer you let it sit, the more you’ll let others impact your decision.

If you have an Ego Inner Authority as a Projector you should go focus on self-care before making your decision. When you take the time to honor yourself the answer you are seeking will become clear.

Whether you are a Manifestor or a Projector, be sure to always speak your truth. Never lie to make the other party feel good or put yourself last. Decision-making will become a lot easier for you when you stop trying to take care of everyone else before speaking what you desire.

Authority: None

If you don’t have an Inner Authority AKA none, you are a Reflector. This is the only Inner Authority where it is recommended to consult others when making a decision.

Learn to trust others when faced with a decision that you need to make and learn to talk it out when you need to.

When you phone a friend, you will make a more informed decision.

Learning the big 3 in Human Design will help jumpstart your HD journey. The big 3 includes your energy type, your strategy, and your inner authority.

Once you have an understanding of your big three, it is important that you begin the deconditioning process.

Throughout your life, you’ve picked up a lot of rules and “norms” of society that may not serve you.

In order to get the most out of your Human Design, you must unlearn everything you’ve been programmed and start relearning what it means to be YOU.

I have a great resource to help you start the unlearning process, called Unlearn to Align. It’s a Masterclass + workbook that will teach you the exact steps I took to decondition and start my own journey towards alignment.

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