Dive into Human Design


Similar to Astrology, Human Design uses your birth date, time, and location to create an energetic blueprint of who you are when you were born.  We are born in perfect alignment, throughout our lives our environment conditions us to play by a certain set of rules pulling us away from alignment.  This leaves most people feeling frustrated, bitter, and burned out. 

Human Design can help you harness the energy throughout your body.  The tool is built upon self-acceptance and learning to embrace all aspects of yourself.  There is no “bad” parts of your design, just areas to bring awareness to and with practice they can become superpowers.

I’ve personally studied Human Design for years and implemented it within my own life and business.  I share my knowledge with my clients and my audience through my private readings and my public Podcast, Growth Through Design. You’ll find many ways to learn more about your design below.


These resources are for people who are just learning about Human Design.  Get your chart and learn more about your design.

Getting your chart is the first step in learning more about your design.  For many people new to HD, their chart can be really confusing.  It took me a couple of months to begin to understand it!

I’ve crafted a 20+ page custom review so that you can start implementing your design right away.



I tried literally everything I could to grow my coaching business and nothing worked until I started building my strategies according to my unique Human Design.

Nothing worked because I was working in resistance to my design.  I didn’t have to work more, invest more, or change much in my business – the shift was simple but it took my business from 0-100 real quick.

Now you can learn the exact tips & tricks I used in my own business and with my private clients to elevate your own business.


Okay you’ve gotten your chart and you know your big three (type, strategy, and inner authority), what’s next?

It’s not enough to simply KNOW your design.  In order to start using Human Design throughout your life to get into alignment, you need to unlearn and start implementing your design.

Dive into your chart beyond your big three and get the guidance you need to start implementing from an expert.



Ready to kick it up a notch and get daily support as you move towards alignment?  Work with Hannah privately in her 1:1 program ELEVATE.  This program is strictly for online entrepreneurs who want to increase their income while bringing in more SPACE to live their lives using Human Design as a guide.


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