When you first start your online business you have big dreams of making 6-figures or even perhaps a million?! You don’t know how but you have seen others making loads of money and so you think so can you.

However, after working in your business for months you just can’t seem to make more than $5k per month. It’s an invisible glass ceiling and it’s frustrating as hell.

Whether your business is a hobby or you want to go full-time, you need to learn how to raise your energetic minimum.

Let’s dive in.

When you are making less than $5k/month you are in, what I call, the growth phase.

During this phase, you discover your niche, your ideal client, your voice, and define your offers.

If you already know all of those things but are still not passing the $5k mark, this means that you are still stuck figuring out how to grow your audience AKA get more clients.

Once you know how to get clients easily in your business, new challenges arise such as how to manage all of the clients, how to fit all of them into your calendar, hiring a team, etc.

But you don’t need to worry about any of that first. Let’s focus on getting past the tricky $5k mark.

When you are working towards a goal and it’s hard there is something that tends to happen. Maybe you tried for days and saw no results so now you are feeling a bit low. Naturally, your brain is encouraging you to avoid working on that goal because failure seems inevitable. So you clean your house, you scroll Tiktok, and you procrastinate like hell. My mindset coach calls this buffering.

It’s when you do any other task but the one you need to do because you have some unprocessed fears holding you back (whether you consciously know them or not).

My rule of thumb is if I’m endlessly scrolling social media, it’s likely I’m buffering and avoiding fear. That’s my indicator to journal and figure out what’s been holding me back.

You might not be scrolling social media but actually falling into what I call “safe actions” aka doing busy work in your business but not focusing on the tasks that will actually move the needle forward. Safe actions might look like re-doing your website, fussing over your funnels, obsessively looking at your analytics, or checking notifications. These actions aren’t helping you make any progress in your business. Likely you are using them as a buffer so that you don’t have to confront your fears and limiting beliefs.

My clients come to me all the time with buffering stories but they don’t know that they are buffering. For example, one of my clients told me recently that “she cannot do lead generation yet because her Instagram isn’t built up enough yet”, that’s buffering. There are no rules in business, you can start lead generation without a logo, followers, or even a program designed yet.

The fact that she felt like she couldn’t do lead generation because her Instagram wasn’t perfect yet, is a limiting belief and something she needs to work through in order to progress in her business because your Instagram will never be perfect.

At the end of each day, ask yourself what did you get accomplished today?

If the answer was, “well I designed my website today”, ask yourself > did I have to do that?

The answer is likely NO and chances are you are avoiding something that you really do need to be doing in order to grow.

For me, my

What do you need to be focusing on in order to make more than $5k/month?

All you need to be doing is talking about your offer daily and in multiple different places (IG feed, stories, FB, wherever you like to market), grow your audience, engaging with your audience, and build relationships in the DMs.

Sell your offer daily

It will start to feel boring, it will feel repetitive, but you need to do it. Share your offer in your stories, in your feed, on other platforms. The more places people see you and your program, the more likely they will be to buy it.

Grow your audience

This can look like posting valuable content daily or it can look like diving into hashtags and engaging with new people every day. Find something that works for you. If you are ready to post every day make sure you post valuable content that will make people eager to see your content. Do not just post pictures of your family, pets, or office set up. Your account is not for you, it’s for your audience so make sure it’s something they actually want to see.

Engage with your audience

Now that you have an audience (although you never should stop growing your audience) you need to nurture them. Engage with their stories and posts a few times a week to show that you care about them. Not only will it make their day but it’ll also train them to return the favor and engage with your posts which will help you grow even further.

Build relationships in the DMs

Go the extra mile to actually get to know the people who are supporting you. Go into the DMs with the intention of building a relationship and nothing more. We aren’t dropping links, we aren’t pitching…at least not yet. This is about building the know, like, and trust factor that is needed to actually convert clients.

When you focus on these 4 tasks daily, you will start to see your momentum grow and your revenue go up. It doesn’t happen overnight but the more often you do these tasks, the quicker your growth will be.

A few things I didn’t mention were hiring a mentor and tuning into your Human Design. I highly recommend you do these things as well in order to have the support and clarity that you need to grow.

If you are brand new to Human Design, book a reading with me! We dive deep into yourchart for 75-minutes and I will provide actionable steps that will help you integrate it into your life and business.

Crave more 1:1 support? Check out my three-month private coaching program Elevate.

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