A 3 month program for coaches & creatives to build the strong mindset, energetic, and strategic foundations of a wildly successful business.

Imagine if you...

Had a simple, but effective, strategy to call in soulmate clients and build wealth without any complex funnels, paid ads, or confusing systems.

Built confidence from within so that limiting beliefs didn’t hold you back from unleashing your full potential as the confident creatrix you are.

Had the time freedom, energetic freedom, and financial freedom to live intuitively, travel the world, and live life to the fullest.

You are in this for the long run, there’s no going back to the traditional job matrix, and you’re ready to finally call in ease.

You felt the intuitive pull to disrupt the matrix, lead others, and create a legacy

And you bravely took that monumental first step

but now you desire…



“Who am I meant to serve?”

“Where do I start?”

“How do I get my services in front of the people who need them?”

“How do I value my services?”



“How do I set up predictable recurring revenue?”

“How do I book out my services without sacrificing

my time freedom?”

“How do I position myself as an authority as

attract my soulmate clients?”

“How do tap into my intuition to always know my next step?”

Which is exactly why I created The Confident Creatrix Blueprint.

A 3 month program for coaches & creatives to build strong mindset, energetic, and strategic foundations of a wildly successful business.

Inside The Confident Creatrix Blueprint you will...

✔︎ Set strong foundations to build momentum in your business so that you grow your audience and start bringing in dreamy clients on autopilot

✔︎ Learn how to build an unstoppable movement that calls in raving fans so that each time you launch you have people dying to join

✔︎Create an unshakable connection to your intuition so that you always know the next step to take and have deep rooted self trust

✔︎Cultivate long lasting relationships with your clients so that they come back wanting more and more

What's included...

✔︎ Nine, value-packed, modules for you to work through at your own pace 

✔︎Worksheets, journal prompts, and homework to help you get organized, simplify your strategy, and collapse time in your growth

✔︎Bi-monthly 1:1 sessions to move through stickiness, process limiting beliefs, and get feedback

✔︎Voice chat space to ask questions, get feedback, and daily support

✔︎Access to the Wildly Free Membership & all that comes with it

I know what it's like to feel as if you've tried everything...

I’m not your typical success story.  When I started my coaching business in 2020 after losing my job AND housing, I doubled my yearly income within 6 months.  While the success I saw was exciting, I was not ready for the limiting beliefs that came with it.

I realized I was attaching my self-worth to the success of my business and when I experienced a drought in my sales, everything went spiraling.

Despite my strategy never changing, countless coaches telling me I “was doing everything right”, and glowing client testimonials, my confidence tanked and I contemplated going back to a 9-5.

But I had this strong feeling that I was meant for this & that the ease I desired was right around the corner.

I dedicated the free time I had to healing my inner child, activating my wealth energy, and increasing my confidence.

In time, the blocks lifted and clients flooded back in and then some.  My strategy never changed and I realized just how valuable it is to slow down & tune into your intuition. 

I created The Confident Creatrix Blueprint so that you grow your business with balanced strategy and energetics from the beginning so that you can confidently scale.

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"CCB has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself."

“…talk about transforming my business. There is something about being in a space with like minded people who you are all going after the same thing, but there is also something about having access to an expert.  To be able to give you that next level, to show you what is possible, to expand your mind.  Then for them to say ‘here I’ll hold your hand and I’ll give you resources for us to do it together!’.  You can not put a price tag on that.  There is nothing to compare it to.  CVAM has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself because I know I’m worthy of it and it has dramatically transformed everything.    Best investment I’ve ever made!” – Carrie V

You are ready to have your voice heard & share your gifts with the world

This program is right for you if...

✔︎ you are a brand new coach or creative building the foundations of your dream business

✔︎ you’ve sign some clients here and there but have yet to build consistent, stable, recurring revenue

✔︎ you are experiencing a drought in sales and desire to reignite the flame you had when you started your business

✔︎ you are a self-starter and go-getter who understands the value of inner work and having a mentor to mirror your shadows

The Buzz...

The Confident Creatrix Blueprint is my most popular program to date and it all began as the Confident VA Mentormind (CVAM)...3 iterations later, countless upgrades, and graduates now it's here to help you create an unforgettable legacy.

Step 1: Setting Strong Foundations

We begin by tapping into a version of yourself that already exists and designing your dream life.  This sets the stage for the future of your business, the life that you crave, and the people you work with.  Next, you’ll dive into your legacy and the core mission of your business.  You’ll unearth your limiting beliefs & tackle blocks.

Step 2: Building Your Movement

Craft your signature offer & build out your product suite. Develop your unique brand voice & messaging using your intuition.  Establish a strong marketing routine to help you get seen & grow your audience. This is the base that will continue to build as you scale and create an unforgettable client experience.

Step 3: Cultivating Confidence

Now that you have the ball rolling, you are showing up online, talking to prospects, and launching your offer – your sneaky little ego needs to be addressed.  You’ll learn to master the oscillation between your ego & intuition so that you can easily move through blocks and keep your vision clear.  This will help you be more magnetic and confident online to attract soulmate clients organically.

Step 4: Quantum Expansion

Learn what to do when you actually have clients!  Most coaches focus on getting clients and completely ignore what to do when you actually have them.  Develop your unique client experience that’ll leave them feeling supported & coming back for more.  Get glowing client testimonials and use word of mouth to keep your business growing.

"The number one thing that I've learned from working with Hannah is to not limit myself"

Hannah and the group were always there with constant support whenever I felt I was failing at a task. Because marketing wasn’t my strong area, it wasn’t easy knowing I was falling short of reaching people. Thankfully Hannah was encouraging me to try and revise my plans if needed. The number one thing that I’ve learned from working with Hannah is to not limit myself.  Put the homework in your calendar and work on the assignments as if you are counting on it to succeed (because really, you are) so you increase your chances of coming out of it with a higher chance of reaching your goals versus doing this by yourself.”  

– Chantel Tavares

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