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☞ New & established online service providers (OSPs) who feel like they know the strategies but are still falling short of reaching their monetary goals.

☞ Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, Online Business Managers, and other freelancers

☞ Those who have a difficult time selling and communicating their offer when talking to a prospect

☞ Those who struggle with confidently pricing their offer (did you just pick a number that sounded good?)

☞Those who consistently offer discounts or think about lowering their rates in order to sign more clients


Hi, I'm Hannah and I know how you feel...

For three years, I was in a job that did not appreciate me and my skills.  I felt trapped and like I wasn’t good enough for any other job. If I couldn’t find a good job in the job market, I thought I may be able to make some extra income online.  I started a side-hustle that inspired me but I never believed that I had what it takes to do it full-time.

Then the pandemic hit and I lost the security of my full-time job and my housing.  My boyfriend and I, along with our two french lop bunnies, were left to stay at a very generous friend’s house until we could get back on our feet.

It was during my lowest point when I decided to take my side hustle full-time because what else did I have to lose?

I reached $3k in profits in my FIRST month.

By month six, I successfully doubled my yearly income.

Making more money than I ever thought was possible, I was able to buy a house.  Now I have more free time than ever to do my passions, stress free.

My mission is to help other women feel empowered to do the same.

You've spent hours researching and finding the perfect strategy, but that strategy is useless if you don't do the inner work first. Sign up now for this transformative one-hour session with Business Mentor Hannah Plourde.

Let's change the narrative


✘ Working hours each day trying to figure out how to make consistent income in your business?

✘ Chasing after clients, even if they don’t seem ideal, because you need the money?

✘ Skipping out on fun activities with friends and family so that you can put in more hours?

✘ Worrying if you’ll need to pick up extra shifts to get you through this or worse, go back to a corporate job.

✘ Experiencing intense burnout which is causing you to dread working on your business


✔︎ You already know the strategies that will work for your business

✔︎ You already have what it takes, you are skilled at what you do

✔︎ You don’t need to change your offers or learn new skills

✔︎ You don’t need to lower your rates

You just need the missing link between strategies and success, mindset.


Meet Carrie!

“…talk about transforming my business. There is something about being in a space with like minded people who you are all going after the same thing, but there is also something about having access to an expert.  To be able to give you that next level, to show you what is possible, to expand your mind.  Then for them to say ‘here I’ll hold your hand and I’ll give you resources for us to do it together!’.  You can not put a price tag on that.  There is nothing to compare it to.  CVAM has expanded and jump started my business all because I took the time to make that investment in myself because I know I’m worthy of it and it has dramatically transformed everything.    Best investment I’ve ever made!” – Carrie V

I reached out to Hannah because I was looking for professional guidance as a Virtual Assistant that will help me move forward in a better direction.  After one session with Hannah, I was able to change my mindset, organize my SOPs and the services I offer better. Hannah is extremely knowledgeable in being a VA.  She has what it takes to coach and inspire one to reach their goals.” – Dani D | Dani the Virtual Assistant 

 After joining the Confident VA Mentormind, I finally was able to package my services and feel confident about the prices of the services. I also learned a ton about the onboarding process and building lasting relationships with clients. I enjoyed the support from all the ladies in the group and feeling like we’re all in this together. Hannah states that she is available to answer questions and offer support, she is NOT kidding!!! 100% willing to go the extra mile to explain things thoroughly and provide real examples. I am now much more prepared and confident in my business, thanks to Hannah and CVAM.” – Cindy | The Virtual Affiliate Services

Meet Chantel!  

“The number one thing that I’ve learned from working with Hannah is to not limit myself.  I do have my big dreams but I see gigs that I second myself on and Hannah helps me realize that if I can do it then I should sign up.” – Chantel


Cash Attraction was recorded live on July 5th 2021, so you will see some live discussion.  However, when you purchase today you will be automatically receive an email with the link to watch the workshop.  The workshop will be updated as needed.  You have lifetime access to the workshop.

Yes!  All of my CVAM members and 1:1 clients get free access to Cash Attraction.  If you are interested in Cash Attraction AND one of my programs, please send me an email

It’s not enough to know the strategies.  In order to reach your dreams and be successful you will need to do the inner work as well.  You cannot sell your offers without confidence and believing in them yourself.  And it’s not as simple as just declaring it!  During Cash Attraction, Business Mentor Hannah Plourde will run the group through some exercises that will help you recognize your current money mindset.  Then we will discuss some tools that you can incorporate daily to help you overcome any limiting beliefs holding you back.  

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