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let me guess
  • You started your online business so that you could have more freedom to do what you love thinking it’d be somewhat easy
  • Now you don’t really have the time OR the money to go adventure
  • You’ve created an offer based on what other people are doing and it doesn’t really light you up but you don’t know what else to do
  • You are looking at everyone else’s success stories and thinking “when will it be my turn?”
  • When it comes to selling you feel panicky.  You’ve experienced first hand some sleazy sales techniques on Instagram and that’s the last thing you want to come across as

You knew exactly what steps to take to grow 

Your business is beautifully aligned to you and it feels great

You started making consistent four to five figure months

Launches and signing new clients felt effortless

Every time you show up online people inquire about working with you

I know how it feels....

I went from feeling completely lost, mimicking the successful people I admired, not even know WHO I am to…

…building a 6-figure biz that allows me to go on adventures whenever I please

Because I sign dreamy clients on repeat and have a community who trusts I’m not just another copy & paste coach.

Hey beautiful, I’m Hannah!

I’m an outdoorsy, adventure loving, pet-mom, forest goddess living my best life in the mountains of New Hampshire with my soul-mate.

I built my business after losing my “secure” job in Outdoor Education AND my housing.

Thanks to my 1/3 profile in Human Design, I am obsessed with learning & experimenting with new things until there is nothing left to try.

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with Virtual Assisting, Social Media Management, Business Coaching, Human Design, and Mindset Coaching.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t meant to choose just one.

That’s why you’ll find my style of coaching to be very new-age. 

It’s focused on YOU and what your goals are.

I’ll do whatever I can to help you get achieve them.

Three weeks inside a private Facebook group

A mixture of live & dropped pre-recorded lessons

Homework with each Lesson to help you implement

Accountability & community support

Shift your mindset from the old ways of marketing your online business to the new age, human-first methods.

Use your Human Design energy type to find a productive daily routine that is fun & effective for you.

Define who your dreamy clients are AND learn how to market to the highest version of them so that they can’t resist.

Decondition your employee mindset and learn how your millionaire higher self thinks.

Articulating an magnetic offer that you embody fully actually makes you excited to share about.

Learn what it actually means to be in an abundant mindset & what to do when you feel like crap.

We’ll reverse engineer your money goals and figure out a price-point that feels good to you AND to your audience

We’ll discuss attraction marketing, where to market your offer, and how to do it concisely & effectively.

Craft a client journey that is memorable for your clients without taking up your precious time.

Time to wrap it all up and make sure you are crystal clear with the next steps.  Plus you’ll get some *secret* bonuses!

Doubled their rates despite not believing their audience could pay

Signed their very first client after months of trying on their own & thinking of quitting

Signed 3 new clients in the span of 1 month 

Learned how to get back into alignment when feeling stagnant and unmotivated

Niched down to market themselves as specialist & stand out from the crowd

See what people are saying...

“Hannah helped me get through that first phase in business and helping me step through the door in the online world. There’s no going back to the way things were, it’s nothing but up from here.  Before I worked with you I didn’t know how to do lead generation, how to get over analysis paralysis , and most of all MANAGING BOTH MY BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE. I would get so overwhelmed with them both in the beginning, however now I have an efficient schedule, I get a lot done and I don’t get that feeling of not doing enough that day even when I would work for 8 hours straight with no breaks at times! I’ve also learned to be myself and not put up this facade of a person who I’m not <3” – Sofia L. Virtually Sofia

Throughout the program I felt like I was truly being helped, you weren’t just giving me random answers, you took the time to explain them. One of the best things I gained was a change in mindset! I’ve realized that I was focusing on the wrong things…it makes a big difference in how I use my time and makes it possible to have more clients.” – Ilsen N

I finally was able to package my services and feel confident about the prices of the services. I also learned a ton about the onboarding process and building lasting relationships with clients.  Hannah states that she is available to answer questions and offer support, she is NOT kidding!!! 100% willing to go the extra mile to explain things thoroughly and provide real examplesI am now much more prepared and confident in my business, thanks to Hannah.” – Cindy