Hey there!

I'm Hannah Plourde.

A bunny-mom, nature lover, baker, goof-ball, & entrepreneur dedicated to help you grow and book-out your Virtual Assistant business so that you can do more of what you love without worrying about your next paycheck.

I didn't always have this business, the clients, the community...

In fact, if you were to look back on my life a few years ago I was working 70+ hours a week as an Outdoor Educator. I was over-worked and WAY underpaid. While I met some of my greatest friends and the love of my life there, I was not being valued and I felt trapped. So I started a side-hustle selling my artistic educational resources that I was making for my lessons at the Outdoor Ed program.

I learned the ins and outs of running a business completely by myself. The biggest lesson I learned was that running a business as a solopreneur is incredibly difficult. There are so many different pieces you need to juggle and it's nearly impossible to be skilled in all aspects of them! I started helping some friends I met online with their marketing and realized that my problem-solving skills could help so many entrepreneurs grow their business. The pandemic hit, I lost my soul-sucking job, and that was the only push I needed to go full-time. In my first month, I made $3k. Within 6 months, I had completely replaced & DOUBLED my yearly income. I did this all while working less and doing more of what I love.

Once a teacher, always a teacher.  I pride myself in helping womxn grow and book out their Virtual Assistant business. 

Now, you'll probably find me hiking and exploring with my boyfriend when I'm not helping amazing womxn achieve their biggest business goals!

I am so thankful that my business has allowed me so much freedom to pursue my passions.  I want nothing else but to help others get this too.  I get fired up, hearing clients tell me they accomplished yet another goal.  When you work with me, your business is my business.  I will treat your goals as if they are my own, and I will stop at nothing to help you achieve them.

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