3 easy steps to start your virtual assistant business

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. It takes time, money, and the right mindset to get started. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Starting a Virtual Assistant business is an incredibly simple business to start. It has little upfront expenses and can be started within a few hours. In this article, we will discuss 3 easy steps you can start on today in order to launch your Virtual Assistant business by the end of the day!

First, you might be wondering what a Virtual Assistant is. A Virtual Assistant is someone who provides administrative services to clients remotely. This can include tasks like administrative tasks, social media marketing, email marketing, launch management, podcast management, etc. The Virtual Assistant industry is BOOMING right now, especially as more and more businesses more online. You definitely want to get in now!

Many people make the mistake of overthinking starting their Virtual Assistant business, but the truth is, it only takes 3 simple steps to get started.

Step one: Determine who you want to work with

There is a saying, “if you try to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one”, the same goes for determining your ideal client as a Virtual Assistant. If you’re not sure where to start, think about the industries and businesses that interest you the most. It does not have to be an industry that you have prior work experience. I find many people who stick to the industry that they worked in previously, but they hated working in that industry while working in corporate, so why would they like working in it as a freelancer? This is your chance to work with artists or moms, or whatever your heart desires! Just make sure that there are actual businesses in the industry that would need assistance. Not sure, send me a DM www.instagram.com/hannah.plourde

Step two: Research what kind of services you want to offer as a Virtual Assistant.

This is where things can get really creative since there are so many opportunities out there. Again, it does not need to be something that you have prior work experience in. However, it is important that you know what you are doing and can prove your expertise with examples of your work. For example, if you always loved art, you can go into graphic design and create a few example pieces to show your work to your potential clients. Or if you have a knack for Instagram, create a fake account or use your own account as an example of your gift. Clients will always ask for proof. Resumes are not a part of the VA world but portfolios are. See the list of services you can offer below.

list of virtual assistant services to offer when starting your business

You should only offer one to two services otherwise you will make yourself look like less of an expert. Not only that but the more services you offer, the less likely you will be to keep up with your workload and your clients. You’ll make your work less efficient and end up wasting time creating custom proposals for each client rather than signing more clients. Try to create suites of services. For example, admin services can include email management, calendar management, prioritizing tasks, customer service, etc.

Once you know your services and who you want to work with you will need to make a portfolio to send to leads. You can use Canva to build one for free, google docs, a landing page, or a website. It really doesn’t matter and you don’t have to pay to host your portfolio, a simple pdf will suffice.

Step three: Create a client outreach strategy

A client outreach strategy is basically a plan that you will follow to gain clients for your business. Clients are the heart of your business so you want to make sure that you have the right plan. Your plan does not need to be complex. Stick to one or two platforms to focus on. I recommend checking out Facebook groups, Clubhouse, and/or Instagram.

It is also important to keep track of your leads. You can use a simple excel spreadsheet with their contact info, where you found them, what they need help with, and any other information that will be helpful for you to refer back to. Be sure to set up a follow-up schedule with them.

It’s easy as that! Of course, it can be more complex but it doesn’t have to be. You can truly get your Virtual Assistant business started in a week. You will be more than ready to start making money.

The most important part is that you are reaching out and taking the first steps in your Virtual Assistant career! Go for it!

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